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Sharjah Police K9 division at forefront of detection

Sharjah Police K9 division at forefront of detection

Their help in police work is invaluable as these numbers show — 6,892 police operations in 2015 and 3,000 since the beginning of this year have employed canine skills to successfully solve cases.

The Sharjah Police Canine Division (K9) with 73 dogs and 32 trainers, including female trainers, uses the remarkable canine abilities for a number of investigative purposes — dogs can swiftly locate drugs (their sense of smell is 50 times sharper than of humans), missing persons, runaway criminals, explosives, stolen items and also search for bodies in cases of disasters.

Thousands of cases have been solved in Sharjah with the aid of police dogs, officials at the K9 wing told Gulf News.

“They are our most trusted partners in preventing and solving the crime,” Major Ahmad Adel, director of the Sharjah Police Canine Division. “They assist us to solve several cases that wouldn’t have been solved by the most intelligent human. They also save us countless man hours. The division plays a great role in maintaining the safety of Sharjah’s society.”

Adel emphasised the division’s role in criminal investigations noting that the K9 division had recorded multiple achievements during the year.

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