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Lt. Col. Abdul Salam Mohammed Al Shamsi, Director of Security Inspection Department at the Dubai Police Department of Criminal Evidence and Criminology, said that the Department carried out 5223 missions during the past year using trained sniffer dogs, including tasks related to securing events and exhibitions, Smells and searches.

He explained that the security inspection department K9 plays an important role in the detection of crimes and provide the highest levels of security and safety for the community, and helps in the judicial control of some crimes in cooperation and coordination with other security agencies, and also contribute to ensure the safety of many sites and places and events and free of any dangers , In addition to its role in providing services to members of the public about dogs and how to train, care and treatment.

Highest standards

Lt. Col. Abdul Salam Al Shamsi confirmed that there are 8 supervisors in the K9 security inspection department and 46 trainers dealing with 62 dogs trained according to the highest standards in the various specialties that the police deal with, such as searching for drugs, missing or missing persons, tracking the impact and distinguishing between different smells and performing insurance tasks And other disciplines.

He pointed out that the Dubai Police Department has the skills and competencies trained to deal with dogs, and provide the ideal environment for them to take advantage of the maximum amount of work capacity in spite of the hot weather conditions that may affect their ability to accomplish the tasks, noting that the Security Inspection Department is working to establish a school has its characteristics of the interest of dogs comparable to the specialized international schools where I saw schools specialized in European countries and the United States of America, in order to obtain the necessary expertise.

He added that the Dubai Police seeks through the experience gained to form a private school to suit the atmosphere of the Gulf countries, and provide standards for how to deal with dogs in high temperatures and how to exploit their capabilities to the maximum degree.

International recognition

He pointed out that the security inspection department is keen to achieve the highest international standards in its work, and has received a renewed international recognition of the application of the Dubai Police to international standards for dogs, police, from the representative of the police in the state of Utah.

He explained that the renewal of the certificate of recognition of the application of international standards for dogs and police came after the Department of Security Inspection in Dubai Police to the theoretical and practical tests of the General Command of the Police of the State of Utah in this area, noting that this certificate is exceptional because Dubai Police is the only one that got In addition to obtaining an international arbitration certificate in this field.

Recruitment of the sense of smell

Lt. Col. Al-Shamsi said that the Dubai Police recognizes the importance of using the sense of smell in its security work. He stressed that the sense of smell that God has used in dogs strongly plays an important role in providing the highest levels of security and safety to the community by ensuring the safety of many sites, places and events, Dangers.

He pointed out that the sense of smell in dogs is 250 million shams, compared to 5 million shams in natural people, which makes them more powerful and contribute to the follow-up and identify and identify any person, noting at the same time that this sense increases and deepen in the memory of the dog whenever you follow a certain effect Which contributes to the identification and identification of criminals and the detection of narcotic substances or any material that may contain explosive materials.