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There are many characteristics and specifications that characterize sniffer dogs, including the following:

Smell: Sniffer dogs have a powerful and sensitive sense of smell that is 50 times stronger than humans. Sniffer dogs can identify criminals, drugs, bombs, and many other dangerous tasks, as well as sensitivity to smell, which is difficult to satisfy. As they can distinguish a particular odor from many other interstellar odors.

Physical force: Some dogs are physically powerful, such as the German Shepherd Dog, which causes many criminals to surrender without the need to chase and fight, so that the presence of police dogs reduces physical clashes between police and criminals.

Military ability: Some sniffer dogs work with military personnel, according to special exercises, for use in multiple military operations, such as search, rescue, guarding, tracking devices, detectors. Examples of these dogs are the German Shepherd Dog and the Dutch Shepherd Dog.

Types of dogs and their specifications

The police use different types of dogs that differ in their skills and abilities to assist in police tasks. The most important examples of the dog breeds that are used and their specifications are the following:

Intervention dogs

The dogs are used to search for criminals, rescue hostages, protect and control riot. These dogs include the Malinu dog, which is classified as the best police dog in all respects, because it is a sports dog, strong and sharp intelligence, In police dogs has been reduced due to the emergence of many genetic problems in the strain.

Explosives detection dogs

These dogs are used to control customs, explosives, smuggling, and detection of banned substances. The most common breeds used for this purpose are Labrador Retriever dogs, which are characterized by strong sniffing and sharp intelligence, as well as the breed of beagle dogs, Restricted and therefore effective anti-drugs.

Criminal analysis dogs

These dogs are used in forensic medicine because of their strong athletic abilities and strong sense of smell. These dogs are specially trained to search for bodies that smell distinctly. The dogs also interfere with search and rescue dogs, for example Bloodhound Which has a high ability to smell where it can capture and trace the smell of effects up to fifteen days.

Search and rescue dogs

Disaster rescue, flood and avalanche rescue dogs are used for rescue operations. The best of these breeds is Jant Schnautzer, who has a very active temperament that can do heavy work, as well as sharp and strong intelligence.