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The police unit K9 in the Dubai Police plays an important role in detecting crimes and providing the highest levels of security and safety for the community, in addition to assisting in the judicial control of some crimes in cooperation and coordination with other security agencies, and their contribution in ensuring the safety of many sites and places and events and free of As well as their role in providing awareness services to members of the public about dogs and how to train, care and treat them.

The Security Inspection Department (K9) is one of the subdivisions of the General Directorate of Forensic Evidence and Criminology. It used the latest technology in the security inspection process by using a camera attached to the dog with a monitor that enables the trainer to see the event while sending the dog to carry out operations. The detection of explosive materials or rescue operations in disasters and tracing the debris, which contributed to maintaining the security and safety of police dogs trainers, and the security and safety of the environment surrounding the trainers in addition to achieving the highest success rates for missions, especially that in some mothers Be the coach can introduce risk such as walking on a ramshackle places or impaction in confined spaces and other tasks that require precise location survey, which is provided by the camera installed on the dog.

The unit also uses a robot to train sniffer dogs, which is one of the latest methods used in training, which avoids the trainer injuries during the training process, and can be used in other tasks such as children’s offers or other inspections.

The K9 Police Police Unit is keen to achieve the highest international standards in its work. It has recently renewed its international recognition certificate for the implementation of international and international standards for sniffer dogs, enhancing Dubai Police’s position among the world’s best policing standards for dog training. Policing, which is positively reflected in improved performance.

The security inspection department has 3 supervisors and 36 trainers who handle 49 trained dogs according to the highest standards in the various fields that the police deal with, such as searching for drugs, missing or missing persons, tracking the impact, distinguishing between different odors, performing insurance duties and other specializations.

Dubai Police has the skills and competencies trained to deal with dogs, and provide the ideal environment to take advantage of the maximum amount of energy in the work despite the hot weather conditions that may affect the ability to accomplish the tasks ..

Dubai Police is seeking to create a private school that is suited to the warm-up atmosphere of the Gulf states, providing the necessary standards for how to treat dogs at high temperatures and how to exploit their capabilities to the fullest extent.

Special environment

Dubai Police take special care of the dogs and choose the best ones, which are brought from abroad. Due to the different environment of the UAE, they are placed in a moderate environment similar to the mother environment. They are gradually adapted to the UAE environment and warm weather. To work in drugs or trace the impact or insurance of explosives and fire depending on nature and the sense of smell, and others, pointing out that the dog subjected to six months of training, and then be tested and assess the performance and readiness to start the practice of real work.

The life expectancy of the survival of the police dog in service between 7 to 9 years, and then be converted into two committees, the first technical tests during his abilities and skills, and the second medical to ensure the absence of diseases, if one of the committees can not complete the police work is converted to Retirement is given free to the public.