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K9 Unit Dog Show At Abu Dhabi Zoo Summer Camp

K9 Unit Dog Show At Abu Dhabi Zoo Summer Camp

Dubai: Children have a chance to interact with animals and participate in numerous activities as part of the Emirates Park Zoo and Resort 2018 Summer Camp.

Abu Dhabi’s leading private zoo destination announced that it is hosting their Children’s Summer Camp programme throughout July.

The summer camp activities include the K9 dog unit show, which was held on July 4. The session showcases a team of police dogs that are trained to handle various jobs to serve and protect the citizens.

The K9 Abu Dhabi Police Dog programme exhibits multiple skills and services, such as protecting their owners/partners, detecting narcotics, as well as patrolling unchartered territories.

The summer camp’s audience also witnessed different behaviours in a police dog in terms of alertness, obedience and how they perform duties under stress with minimum guidance.


We want to incorporate a fun learning environment for the children by combining a series of activities they can enjoy from,” said Naima Mahmoudi, marketing manager at Emirates Park Zoo.

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